Leaders of Learning – College Leadership Team
Principal Ms Gilda Pussich
Assistant Principal Mrs Christine Harding
Leader of Religious Education Mrs Annette Flanagan
Leader of Administration Mr David Thomas
Leader of Curriculum Miss Michelle Israel
Leader of Teaching and Learning Miss Jacqueline Genovese
Leader of Wellbeing Mrs Jennifer Lowe
Leader of Instructional Specialists Mr Anthony Moore
Coordinators of Learning – College Middle Leaders
English Mrs Alannah Wylie
Mathematics Mr Scott O’Brien
Science Ms Elaine Hornas
Technological and Applied Studies Mrs Rosellina Ryan
Human Society and
its Environment
Mr James Rooney
Personal Development, Health
and Physical Education
Mr Nicholas Carosi
Creative and Performing Arts (Acting) Mr Kevin Reutens
Languages Mr David Thomas
Vocational Education and Training,
Pathways and Partnership
Mrs Maria Pedavoli
Diverse Learning Miss Leah Brown
Catholic Intensive English Centre (CIEC) Mrs Flavia Arapi-Nuñez
Year 7 Mrs Effie Orlando
Year 8 Ms Sonia Boustani
Year 9 Ms Pina Gagliano
Year 10 Mr Matthew Andrejev
Year 11 Mrs Lyne Toohey
Year 12 Ms Maria Messina
House Coordinators
Arena House Miss Jemma O’Regan
Crosio House Ms Kiera Crosariol
Goolagong House Ms Denisa Ecarma
Henderson House Mr Ian McLean
McCormack House Mr Robert Hennessey
O’Shane House Miss Tiana Krasic
Assistant Coordinators of Learning
Religious Education Mr Nick Sacca
English Mrs Katrina Gomes
Mathematics Miss Michelle Israel
Human Society and its Environment Ms Natalie Pavisic
Year 7 Miss Denisa Ecarma
Year 8 Mr Robert Hennessy
Year 9 Mr Ian Mclean
Year 10 Miss Jemma O’Regan
Year 11 Miss Tiana Krasic
Year 12 Mrs Kiera Crosariol
Other Positions of Responsibility
Youth Ministry Coordinator (Term 1) Miss Josephine Ayoub
Youth Ministry Coordinator (Term 2-4) Mr Vincent Samuel
English as a Second Language
or Dialect (EALD) Coordinator
Mrs Mariana Arapi
Gifted Education/Newman Coordinator Miss Leah Brown
Information Literacy Teachers Mrs Melissa Devine
Mrs Regina Felipe
Literacy Facilitator (Term 1) Ms Natalie Pavisic
Literacy Facilitator(Term 2-4) Mr Joseph Zia
STEM Facilitators Mr Robert Hennessey

Mr Daniel Sciberras

Sports Coordinator Mr Nicholas Carosi
Liaison Officer
Mrs Vivian Matti
Vietnamese Liaison Officer Sr. Dorothy Hoang
CIEC Transition to Mainstream Facilitator Mrs Sarah Haddad
Office/Support Staff
Business Manager Mr Winston Olegasegarem
Principal’s PA Ms Pina Varano
Bursar Mrs Linda Garreffa
Executive Support Ms Grace Labbozzetta
Enrolment Officer Mrs Rosemary Gerardis
Reception (Tue-Fri) Mrs Rosemary Gerardis
Reception (Mon) Mrs Karen Singh
School Fees Mrs Luisa Melacrinis
Student Services/ Attendance/ First Aid Mrs Lauren Thompson
ICT Support Officer Mr Sebastian Heubert
ICT Support Officer Mr Vey Lim